Survey of social workers, carers and adoptive parents

Teenage child stretching their hamstring whilst wearing a football kit

The study has a particular focus on the experiences of children who were not able to remain with or be reunified to their parents. Consequently, in addition to analysing administrative data on all 1,836 children, we are gathering information from a survey of the social workers and current caregivers of a sample of the children – children who became looked after away from home in 2012-13 aged five and under and were not living with their birth parents a year later.

All 32 local authorities were invited to take part in the survey and interview strands of the study. In Phase 1, 19 local authorities participated. In Phase 2, 27 local authorities in Scotland are taking part in the survey and interview strands.

Linda Cusworth and Jade Hooper are leading on the survey.

Linkage of survey data to administrative data

Linda and Jade will securely and safely link data collected from social workers and carer/adoptive parents to administrative data. Combining the survey data with the administrative data will allow us to explore factors influencing children’s pathways to permanence, their wellbeing, experiences, outcomes and connections

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